Kimberly W.

“I am a vet tech and I have a Min Pin X rescue who is afraid of Thunderstorms, and also afraid of the stove and oven being used. I tried the Thundershirt on her and I was very skeptical until I used it. It worked instantly!! I couldn’t believe how quick and well it worked. Just last night we woke up to a Thunderstorm. She was trembling and panting. I put her Thundershirt on and she instantly calmed down and went to sleep. She also will now sit in the kitchen with me as I am cooking, with her Thundershirt on. We are now going to be carrying the Thundershirt at the Hospital I work at – I am that impressed with it!”

Altavista, Virginia

Laurie Wright, DVM Harborfront Animal Hospital

“We have been using them with good results. We have also had a number of clients who have ordered shirts as a result of their dog’s decreased anxiety during their vet visit. Most importantly I wanted to let you know we did use the shirt on a dog we needed to Xray but did not want to tranquilize for the procedure. Our technician said the dog definitely was calmer and easier to position correctly for the Xray but best of all we could see no appreciable difference in the quality of the films with or without the shirt. Thanks for this great product. We will most definitely continue to use them as well as promote them to our clients and colleagues. Our goal is to perform necessary procedures for our patients with the least amount of stress and this has been a tool that helps us accomplish that goal.”

Spring Lake, MI