Separation Anxiety

Owner: Michelle R., Dog: Red

Owner: Michelle R., Dog: Red

“The Thundershirt works! We have a 2 year old Staffordshire Terrier who had seperation anxiety. Every time we went out & left him outside of the crate, we would come home to find a mess & a trail of destruction. We had no other choice but to crate him whenever we had to go out. Ever since he’s been wearing his Thundershirt, we can leave him outside of his crate without worrying about him being destructive. It is a relief knowing that we can go to work without having him confined to a crate for so long! He can be comfortable at home & roam around as he pleases. I highly recommend the Thundershirt to any dog owner. Red (our dog) thanks you, too!”

Michelle Rivera
New Jersey

Sue S.

Sue S.

“I can’t believe how well this works. We have an American Water Spaniel that is so hyper and has separation anxiety. We put the shirt on him yesterday and he is a different dog. I have never bought anything on TV that works as well as this does.

I would recommend everyone with a problem dog to try this.”

Bill C.

My Yorkie, Rufus, would be so keyed up with separation anxiety that he would then suffer from serious diarrhea. After thorough vet examination found no medical issues, so my veterinarian suggested that this must be separation anxiety. We inherited him 8 months ago after the passing of a parent who was with him all the time. Anyway, I put the Thundershirt on him in the morning at 6 a.m. when I leave the house – and he rests peacefully with no panting, shaking, pacing or panicking. At noon when the dog walker comes, she removes it. She takes him for a walk and around 4 p.m. when I come home, Rufus is a happy calm dog. In the middle of the night – if it starts to rain, thunder, or there is street noise and he starts to get unsettled, pace, pant, bark – I simply reach for one of his three Thundershirts (I keep one next to the bed), put it on Rufus and he settles right down within a minute and falls back to sleep. I can do all this in the dark without turning on lights and waking up my husband. It is truly a miracle for all three of us and we cannot thank you enough.

Durham, NC

Lucinda S.

“A co-worker told me about the Thundershirt. She saw it at her veterinarins office. I purchased one for my Multipoo. We go camping alot and she is afraid to stay in the camper when we go away. We went to the beach last week and I put the Thundershirt on her and went to the beach, and when we came back she was not shaking! I had to go back into the camper at one point and she was just laying on the sofa. Before she would have been trying to get out the door as we left. It really works great!”

Dallastown, PA

Owner: Lewis C., Dog: Izzy

I was one of your biggest skeptics. My Vet suggested I try a shirt for my Shih Tzu, Izzy. She had severe wind anxiety and separation anxiety. The day after the shirts came, we had a wind storm (which is very normal in this area). I put the shirt on Izzy but her symptoms did not go away. I left it on, gave her a tranquilizer and figured I would be sending the shirts back. I didn’t and a few nights later, another windy night came. I put her shirt on, and she layed down in her bed! I couldn’t believe it! Now, typically she would pant, jump on our lap or heads or cling to my feet, run to the door, shake, the whole nine yards. So, not to get my hopes up, I watched her. A calmness came over her. She slept the entire night. That never happens! It has continued on. I’ve had the shirt just a few months and am convinced it works! No more drugs which makes me very happy. The drugs didn’t always work anyway. Just the other night, the wind picked up and she didn’t have her shirt on, but slept the whole night. Amazing!

Columbus, OH

Owner: Kelly W., Dog: Marley

“My dog, Marley, has severe separation anxiety from my partner. He had started to display aggressive behavior towards me and our behaviorist recommended the Thundershirt. I have to say Marley has improved dramatically! He no longer shows any signals of distress (pacing, tongue licks, yawning, whining, barking etc) and now lies with me as if my partner was home.”


Owner: Brad D., Dog: Duffy

My husband and I are awed by the positive effects of the Thundershirt. This email is an update on our dog, MacDuff (Duffy)—the dog with more problems than “Marley”. We’ve recently had some stormy weather, including thunder, in Southern California. Thanks to the Thundershirt, Duffy got through all of it with only a little pacing for a short time. Before the Thundershirt, Duffy would hide in the bathtub, shower stall and closet. He would also use his paw to try to open the refrigerator, oven, kitchen cabinets, and even the on-the-counter microwave—I have his claw marks on all of these things. Apparently, he was looking for a safe place. The only way he could be restrained was to leash him and just hold on to the leash until his anxiety passed. Not an easy task with a large dog whose pulling and tugging. The tranquilizers didn’t help because one never knows when it’s going to thunder and it takes the pill at least an hour to become effective. The Thundershirt has “cured” Duffy’s separation anxiety and now, with this recent development with the storms, we are sold on your product. We’ve shared our experiences with many of our friends who have problem dogs and have also told our vet. Duffy is a very loved and well cared for pet and we are truly pleased that now his life and ours will be so much easier.

Ventura, CA

Owner: Brook J., Dog: Benny

“My mom bought my 70 lb boxer a Thundershirt prior to her dog sitting for me for 10 days. This is the most amazing product! Benny, the boxer, is pretty high energy and definitely suffers from crate and separation anxiety. I can watch him go from one extreme to another 2 minutes after putting on the Thundershirt. A collegue at work just bought one for his dog. I love this product. Thank you!”

Chicago, Illinois

Alice K.

“We are absolutely ASTOUNED at how WELL this works! After only 2 uses, our dog is able to stay home alone with no more medication, no drooling, upset stomach & no howling! He actually likes the shirt & gets excited when we get it out to put on him! We were a bit skeptical, but now are telling EVERYONE! Even our Veterinarian asked for the info! THANK-YOU!!”


Berry S.

“Both of my dogs have problems with fireworks but the small silky terrier is very very fearful of thunder, fireworks, and has separation anxiety! I bought 2 Thundershirts and tried them. It was totally amazing! Both dogs will sleep through storms and when the little terrier thinks it is thunder or fireworks, he literally begs for the shirt! Truly and amazing and a great value! Far better than medication the can leave side effects! Worth every penny!”

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania