Owner: Tricia D., Dog: Tucker

Owner: Tricia D., Dog: Tucker

“Tucker, my 2 yr old Brittany, suffers from severe separation anxiety. He has shredded everything under the sun, ate our kitchen table and chairs, broke his K-9 teeth, etc. We have tried everything! Crating him, leaving him penned off, medication (which does help, but not alone), day care, booby trapping the house (!) but nothing was working. We were getting close to the end of our rope and were in our local pet store a few weeks ago and came across the Thundershirt. I hate to use the term, but it has been a miracle worker!! He is like a totally different dog. He has done a complete 180! He is serene almost immediately after putting it on. We leave him loose in the house every day and come home to him sound asleep on the couch perfectly content and the house exactly as we left it!

We are so happy with the results, I would recommend it to ANYONE who finds themselves in a similar situation!

Thank you so much!!”

Clifton Park, New York

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