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ThunderShirt is a proven solution for dog anxiety, fearfulness, over-excitement and training. See below to see what dog owners, veterinarians, trainers and others have to say about ThunderShirt. Or visit our Training Center to see how trainers are using ThunderShirts with their clients. If you already have a ThunderDog, click here to send us your testimonial. We love pictures, too!

Veterinarian Endorsements

Thousands of veterinarians across the country are recommending Thundershirts as an effective anxiety treatment for dogs. Click here to see more.

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Trainer Endorsements

Thousands of trainers around the world are using Thundershirts with their clients. Below are just a few of their comments. Click here to see more.

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Dog Owner Real Stories

Thundershirt is helping many thousands of dogs and their owners to relieve a wide variety of anxieties and fears. Below are just a few. Please click here to see more.

Nicole A.

“I recently adopted a very friendly, 1 year-old, pit bull – boxer mix from a local rescue. For the first half of a typical day, he was extremely well-behaved and seemed to be adjusting well to his new home. However, I noticed that around 4-5 PM everyday he would become very rigid and painfully distracted. All of the commands we’d learned went straight out the window. When he wasn’t barking at the front door, he was pacing, desperately searching for something to chew on. He was completely overwhelmed by the sounds of people in my building returning home from work. I tried treat-stuffed toys, more exercise, running a fan for white noise – anything to distract him. Nothing seemed to work. I finally did some research online and came across the Thundershirt. What a great idea! I had to give it a shot. When I first introduced Rocky to the Thundershirt, he was more than apprehensive. I had to go very slowly, first offering him treats on top of the shirt, then laying it over him when he was exhausted from a run. The first time I put it on him, he was not a happy camper. He chewed at the shirt and spun around growling. I was only able to leave it on him for 10 minutes. HOWEVER, the second time, he walked right over to me (tail wagging) when he saw it in my hands! It was actually pretty amazing. He plopped himself on the floor in the next room and napped for an hour while people walked right past the door! Not one bark. When he woke up, he went straight to his chew toy and entertained himself for another hour without a sound. I’m very impressed with this product and so grateful for the relief it has given Rocky. And to anyone who feels discouraged after a less-than-perfect first try, try again! It really can take two or three usages to see results. Just be patient and stay positive!”

Owner: Tiffany J., Dog: Chico

“Not long after we got Chico, we noticed he had some issues going on. He was constantly itchy and had inflamed skin because he kept biting himself. After hundreds of dollars spent at different vets, multiple tests run and skin scrapings, we still had no answers. He was put on allergy medicine, different food, steriods, antibiotics, fungal medicine, multi-vitamins, you name it… We did notice putting shirts on him seemed to help with him biting, but he would get them off somehow.

Then I saw a commercial for Thundershirt, and I ordered it. Quite honestly, I don’t know why, but your ‘money back guarentee’ is what did it for me. Here are our results with the Thundershirt… I don’t know what I would do without it, even ordered one for my other dog. :)”

Owner: Lynn H., Dog: Coco

“HOLY COW!!!! We have had 6 English bulldogs. Never before did we have a "barker". NOTHING had worked. I bought the Thundershirt at Pet Supermarket yesterday and we are ASTONISHED! Coco actually looked relaxed with it on. None of her usual "triggers" caused barking . Now, just please make one in a light weight fabric for those of us in south Florida. I have already recommended it to my Friend on FB!”

Sarasota, Florida

Erica G.

“This thundershirt has literally saved my life! My dog had severe anxiety to the point that he shook and cried so severely that I was afraid to leave him. I was to the point of going to the vet for medication. When I got the shirt, I figured I had wasted my money but after putting the Thundershirt on him the first day he was so calm and relaxed, I couldn’t believe the difference. He stopped crying and shaking. Now any time he is distressed by anything, I put the shirt on him and go on throughout my day. I have told all my friends about it and even my family is amazed! Get one, try it out… You’ll be shocked.”


Owner: Beccie K., Dog: Abbie

“My German Shepherd Abbie was born blind. Storms don’t bother her but loud noises & fireworks are terrifying for her. She will hide under the bed & is too afraid to even go outside. I was considering getting sedatives from the vet for her for the 4th of July this year. As I really don’t want to medicate her, I decided to try the Thundershirt first. Our fireworks were on Friday the 2nd & I was so amazed at how well she did during them. At one point she was even outside playing. The fireworks have continued all around us for the past couple of days & the Thundershirt continues to help. The screaming fireworks however still send her running back inside. But once inside she is relaxed & no longer hiding under the bed.”

Rantoul, IL

Owner: Jenn O., Dog: Harper

“We have had our puggle, Harper, for about 2 months. Although she’s home with me most of the day, she still was doing the nuisance barking. Anxiety kicked in when my kids were home from school, and she became more and more intense when playing which led to biting, growling, jumping up, etc. We tried the ultrasonic bark control, she didn’t care. We were going to go with the citronella spray collar when we learned about the Thundershirt! I can’t tell you what an IMMEDIATE change we saw with our girl! She’s happy to be with us, barks when necessary and seems so ‘chilled out’! We are so happy to have found a natural approach to help her remain calm. Thanks so much for a great product!”


Owner: Sharon A., Dog: Buddy

“Buddy is scared of everything from thunder and fireworks to rain and being alone. He loves his Thundershirt and I am going to order a second one. It is amazing! We panic if we cannot find it when bad weather is approaching! We put it on him and he calms down and stops shaking within minutes. We have eliminated using any medications, which I hated. Thank you so much for creating this great item!”

Northbrook, Illinois

Owner: Jennifer U., Dog: Parker

“Dog Tested. Cat Approved! Thank you, thank you, thank you THUNDERSHIRT! Parker is a changed dog! Within minutes of putting on his Thundershirt, years of anxiety, aggression, and extreme territorial behavior simply subsided! It is truly amazing. This morning we tried to take it off of him and he got REALLY mad and actually WANTED us to put it back on. Unbelievable!”

Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

Owner: Gwen M., Dog: Ratchet

“Ratchet is one of the dogs rescued from Iraq by Operation Baghdad Pups. Through a partnership between Operation Baghdad Pups and Thundershirt, I was sent one in the mail. I’d have to say that I was skeptical about the claims… for about 15 seconds. Ratchet had problems with barking, anxiety, and fear of unfamiliar noises. He was particularly anxious around other dogs, having been a guard dog in Iraq. Suddenly, while wearing the Thundershirt, Ratchet seemed to gain new confidence. Other dogs didn’t worry him. Thunderstorms were just things that made the grass wet. Airplanes, repairmen, and even the cat that went for walks outside our apartment were no longer worries for him. He could sit on the balcony and enjoy the day without anxiety, and that made both of us believers! Thank you, Thundershirt!”


Chris R.

“We have a 5 year old lab/hound mix rescue and a 6 year old Staffie. The hound has a lot of anxiety. He chews walls, fences and crates. He has torn up every metal crate we have purchased and now has started charging our front door when neighbors pass by. I am happy to say the shirts not only slowed down the intensity of his charges but has also relaxed our staffie! Both are content and relaxed!”


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